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Website For Women Entrepreneur

We at Imajine love to build websites for Women in business; Women Entrepreneurs/Women Consultants.

We Imajinites are a smart team of all women. For us, partnering with other women is like conglomeration of harmonious energy, generous flow of creative ideas, empathy, unfolding space for uber cool brand and web portal creation.

Imajine has had the opportunity to brand super cool and smart women entrepreneurs across the world who is out there creating their universe, their business. Kudos to all!

All set to create your universe? Write to us at ‘reachout at imajineweb dot com’ and let’s work together breathing life to your desires.

Project’s for Women Entrepreneurs

Angela T. Muskat

Do you believe in the concept that some connections/partnership is meant to happen?

Well! Angela and Imajine is one such relation. Angela and Imajine have been writing to each other in parallel and ended up missing each others mail too. And yeah finally it worked out for both of us and scheduled a Skype call to understand Angela’s requirement and by the end of it, Angela was like, “You so understand my work and am glad to have found you. This is the energy I choose to work with”.

The feeling is mutual, we too so love to work with Angela. Angela is a consultant and not a tech savvy person, she reached out to us to enhance her website’s look and feel and to clean up the code and content.

Angela lives in Canada and we have such huge difference in our time zones, yet our work goes smoothly, we have also been able to train her on how to manage her site content. She is doing it and she is now comfortable managing her site.

We have been working with Angela for some years now and working with Angela is Joy. There is immense trust and openness between the two of us.

Angela’s site is built in WordPress. Site features include – Services, Blogs, Events, E-Shop and Multi-lingual.

Annette Meyer

Annette Meyer is in fashion industry and is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Annette reached out to us to enhance her existing website and also to create another multi-lingual (Danish and English) website to showcase her studio work. Post development of the website, we gave her a training material to go through it once so that we can train her on how to go about maintaining content in her website. And on the training day, she was like, ‘The training material you have shared is so simple and easy to follow the step by step instructions that I really don’t need this session’, instead she used this time to clear other doubts/queries on how to move the site to next level.

This is a multi-lingual website we built for client based in Copenhagen, Denmark
Website design, development, SEO and maintenance for an young women entrepreneur

Manisha Lomash

Manisha is self employed young entrepreneur. Bold, inspiring, soft-spoken and she also creates a lot of work with ease.

We built Manisha’s first website and have been associated with her for a long duration – enhancing her site, creating content, SEO, maintaining Google Ads for her regular events and maintaining her website.


WATHIF is an HR portal that we are developing for this young entrepreneur called Nourah based out of Kuwait.
This site has user registration for different types of users –  Employer/Candidate/Admin. The site is Payment Gateway enabled and built on AWS could.
There are a lot of illustration through the site and has a pleasant user experience.
Imajine is an expert in developing wordpress websites in AWS cloud host

Our Services

Imajine is graphic and website designer for Kuwait, Singapore, Dubai and Sweden start-up business


We are professional graphic and website designers. Our design service includes – Logo design, website design, UI, graphics and illustrations for social media and corporate print material.
Imajine is website developer for start-ups and SMEs


We are expert WordPress developers. We develop WordPress themes, plugins. Our websites are responsive, SEO/page speed optimised. We create crisp, fast loading web animations for best experience.
Imajine runs Google Ad campaigns for training institutes, educational sectors, architects, event conductors and for product sales


We are eCommerce web portal developers. Our digital commerce web portals are responsive, multi-lingual, single/multi-vendor, integrated with local payment gateways.
Imajine has developed ecommerce / digital commerce web portals to Kuwait region with Hesabe payment gateway integration


We conduct both organic / paid ad campaigns with maximum reach to apt potential customers leading to higher sales. Our meticulous business research and data gathering reaps impressive ROI.
Imajine is AMC partners to maintain and enhance websites at regular period, say monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual


We are an extended arm of corporates with AMC for periodical website enhancement and maintenance. We are corporate consultants, we direct our partner's design/development/SEO teams.

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